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Here you can choose from 1,000's of designs right from this page. We have a license many of their designs, so feel free to browse through the many pages of designs. If you have something in a boat, hat, sport, animal, etc... you can type in the design name in the search field and it will pop up with your choices. Should we not have a design.   We usually have an in house design that is similar.  If you don't find what you need, call or email Joyce directly she can help you search.

Remember we can add lettering to your designs to really personalize your items. Keep in mind that the colors you see can easily be changed. So if your dog is black and the one on the page is yellow, that can be altered.

Also each design has the size included in the caption. We can increase and decrease 25% without additional charges for editing. More than 25% will require a little more expertise and therefore an additional editing fee will be assessed.

So have fun with this page and let your imagination run wild.


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