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Boer's Store Embroidery specializes in custom embroidery designing for professional embroiders and home embroiders.

Most experts agree that high quality digitizing is the most important factor in your company's success. The quality of your embroidery starts with the quality of the embroidery design. The better your embroidery looks, the higher your profit margins will be.

More Information about our Digitizing Experience  is listed below our Example Pictures.



Our Experience

Years of training by some of the best embroidery designers in the industry assure you of embroidery designs that you can be proud of. We have years of experience and a commitment to ongoing training by the best designers in the industry. You can be assured that your design will run well and look great.

In addition to quality designs, we also advise you of the best approach for a design. One that meets your customers expectations and your production needs. We also advise on the best way to present things to your customer (when asked for our help).

We have many stitching customers so that we can stay current with production needs. We never want to loose the understanding of what is happening in the marketplace. A digitizer that never runs a machine is not going to be as conscious of production friendly techniques as one who does.

For that reason, every design is watched as it stitches one of our machines.   The design can look great on screen, but if it doesn't stitch great, it's no bargain at any price.

How do we price?

We charge by the difficulty of the embroidery design, not by stitch count. Charging by stitch count pits the digitizer and embroiderer against each other. The embroiderer needs the lowest stitch count that looks good for quicker run time. The digitizer needs a higher stitch count to be paid more. So, estimating the amount of time and expertise needed to digitize a design seems a much more fair way of charging for our services.

If you like, we will gladly give you a firm quote before beginning work.


We believe that it is best to have the same digitizer do your designs. The relationship that develops helps everyone by anticipating needs rather than reacting after the fact.  We're small enough to really care about every customer and want to help them create beautiful embroidery. You don't have to worry about whether an inexperienced digitizer is working on your design.  Our in house digitizer has over 25 years total experience.  On both sides of the industry sewing embroidery, working with customers on every detail of their design for  Digitizing.


We strive to have every design turned around in 3 - 7 workdays or less (that may vary depending on our existing work load when your order is received).  Make sure to ask how far out we are on designs at time of price quote or order.  We could cut that time to 24 hours if we hired less experienced digitizers, or didn't insist on stitching and inspecting every design, or hurried through the design. But, we're not going to cut corners so we can advertise fast turnaround.

The great thing about establishing a relationship with a small company is that we will do everything possible to meet your delivery needs. We learn to trust that rushes are not just due to poor planning on your part. Many times there is no additional rush charge.

There are times that we have to bump other jobs or work extra long hours to meet a rush. Those occasions may result in a rush charge. We will gladly quote the rush, if you ask.